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Heritage Sites

Explore 200 Years of History

Belleville is rich in heritage and culture that you will want to explore and learn about first hand. Discover our 3 beautiful self-guided tours; City Hall, Designated Historic Sites and Places of Worship. Each offers a glimpse into the heritage of Belleville and is the perfect way to explore the sights and sounds of our beautiful City.

Exterior Belleville City Hall


The City Hall Walking Tour

Once named the Town Market Building, now Belleville City Hall was built in 1872 and features stunning stained glass windows, original bricks and wooden trusses. This majestic historical building is one of the city’s most impressive structures and includes beautiful views overlooking the Moira River. The public can tour City Hall anytime during regular business hours Monday-Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm.


Designated Historic Sites Walking Tour

Learn about Belleville’s history through the designated heritage properties located throughout the City. There are 33 designated sites included on this tour, all with their architectural history preserved.


Places of Worship Walking Tour

This self-guided tour takes a look at the many churches and sites in Belleville that existed from the City’s beginning up to 1940 that served a religious purpose, some of which continue to do so. This tour is designed with City Hall as the starting point, and takes approximately two hours to visit all 20 sites.


Belleville Sign with horse and buggy in front

The County Carriage Company

There is no better way to see the sights of Belleville than from a private horse and carriage tour. The County Carriage Company provides a full spectrum of horse drawn services. Popular themed and guided tours that offer interesting history include a Haunted Tour of Belleville’s Old East Hill, Historic Tours of our beautiful Victorian neighbourhoods and waterfront of Belleville and Christmas Light Tours to enjoy the breathtaking views and delightful holiday scenery.

Historic Plaques

Interested in learning more about historical sites and events that have occurred in our City? There are over 40 historical plaques that can be viewed throughout Belleville. Learn about our history and historical moments that have occurred across the region by visiting Hastings County Historical Plaques – an interactive site designed for and dedicated to curious people who love to stop the car and read a roadside plaque. This resource is constantly updated so please check back often.



4 Men standing in front of heritage plaque