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Farmers’ Market

Locally Grown & Homemade

Generations have grown up at the Belleville Farmers’ Market – a market that has been in Downtown Belleville for over two centuries. Constructed in 1872-73, five years before Belleville became a city, the original City Hall building housed an indoor market on the first floor and a public hall and municipal office on the second floor. During this time residents could go inside to purchase fruits, vegetables and pies on display or even ready-to-eat chickens.

Man shopping at the Farmer's Market

Belleville Farmers’ Market

The hustle and bustle of a farmers’ market morning triggers a sense of community. In the spring, the market comes alive with rich produce, maple syrup, plants and baking, and remains a ‘hive of activity’ right through the Christmas season. The market is a gathering place, and people are making the choice to support locally grown and made.

Located in Market Square behind City Hall, the market is open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays all year round from 8am to 5pm (peak time 9am to 2pm).

Like a Local

Tania on a Saturday Morning Downtown

On Saturday mornings I love to head downtown for a coffee before taking my two children to the Farmers’ Market where we load up on fresh produce and hummus. After the children’s programming at the Belleville Public Library, we take our books to the Waterfront Trail where we eat our market finds while reading – a perfect way to spend a morning downtown, like a local!